Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Get a Relationship

I don’t believe there is one set way to get into a relationship. Sometimes it’s cause you were friends and it evolves. Sometimes your dating and then there’s that special one that stands out to you and its mutual. The key is feelings have to be mutual or you have one more vested than the other and that causes emotional distress which is no fun for anyone.

Another thing I want to mention is sometimes peoples’ lives are not yet ready for a relationship. Maybe your too busy or you have other dreams or you have to work on yourself before your ready to include and work with someone else.

If you’re constantly looking for your next romance, perhaps take a step back and make yourself happy. You can’t force anything, the universe will provide when you are ready.

One thing I forgot to mention is, it seems that men know what they are looking for when they find it. Have you ever seen a man just become so infatuated with someone and they just know they want to get to know her better. They won’t take no for an answer but in a romantic, gentlemanly way. Not like a psycho, stalker way. If done correctly it shows the woman that he is there for her and not just there to get into her.
Make sense?

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