Thursday, August 23, 2012

Consistency is KEY

In a Relationship
Some guys really know how to woo you. Once they think they have you the woo is gone, then you have a couch potato with plans to have you over to be a couch potato too.


No offense couch potatoes, I am one too. I would just rather do it by myself, thanks.

It begins with the coffee, then the dinner, then the long walks at the beach after a nice movie, then dinner at subway, then eat before we go out and theeeennnnnnnn, oh just come over well watch some netflix and eat ice cream on the couch.

Lets say you want to go away somewhere, if that's the case hopefully the guy helps plan or plans most of it, cause if the girl plans and then he asks if your excited? Ummm NO, the girl already know whats going down because she planned it, duh!

A lady should only have to worry about looking pretty and waiting to be picked up.   She should be PLEASANTLY SURPRISED AS TO WHAT'S IN STORE FOR THE DAY! It should be a mystery to keep her intrigued.  NO MYSTERY = NO EXCITEMENT.  GUESS WHATS NOT GONNA HAPPEN LATER?   I'm just sayin!

The comfort zone is probably what some people go for, both guy and girl. You don't really try anymore, your just ok with what ever. No more opening doors or picking you up or just coming to see you for the short 30 minutes you have.

Then it all goes down hill from there and you either stay and keep wondering when the spark is going to come back or you bounce.

I say BOUNCE, let them learn with the next person.

If your going to be a certain way in the beginning, you better be prepared to keep it up. Unless of course you don't care what happens, which happens at a certain point then that's the answer for both involved.

Taking for granted is the leading killer of all relationships. I'm just sayin...

Shout out to ANGELA for her input ;) Smooches

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