Friday, August 17, 2012

Give and TAKE

When you can, always give. When you have nothing then take. Its that simple. It will somehow balance out, I assure you.

In a Relationship
This could mean your time, taking an interest in what one another is into, and taking time for your self.
Honestly I'm no good at this so I cant explain it any better. Maybe I take too much time for myself, hence all the ME time.

With Friends and Family
Share your day, share your dreams, share your grievances. DON'T forget to allow them the chance to do the same, or ELSE there will be no one there to share with anymore. I'm just sayin...

If your a grown up, then be a grown up. Take responsibility for your actions, apologize if need be and try to be better next time. No one likes meaningless apologies, you'll see. ALSO if you cant face that you've done something wrong then you cant move forward. YOU will never mend the relationship and you will be a repeat offender for life.

Some people cant apologize, have you ever noticed that? They simply cant face that they said or did anything to offend anyone. I haven't figured these people out, I can only assume they were scorned heavily at one time and cant take it anymore. Maybe its something completely different, who the heck knows.
Could be the case of the huge ego.

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