Friday, July 13, 2012

BOSS Problems

Have you ever worked for someone you cant respect?

Let me tell you it doesn't last long. Most of us want to keep our dignity and the light will shine through!
Not only is it hard to work for someone you don't respect you also cant work with someone that way either.
Take a look at your friends. Can you be true friends with someone you don't respect? NO! You dump them for better ones.

The problem is its harder to dump your boss or coworker than it is to dump a friend. Respect is necessary in our society. People gain respect and people give it. If its not there then you wont be taken seriously and no one will listen to you. Can you imagine a boss that no one wants to listen to? How can they perform their job?

The biggest turn of in a work place are people who gain power and then try to get away with murder! Power hungry people in general are not to be trusted.

If your not the only one who feels this way at your job,  people need to start pulling together and make something happen. Unhappiness is so unnecessary in our day to day lives. A job is not worth it.
You may think that one little issue is insignificant but add all those instances together and you have one huge problem. Keep track of dates, times and instances. One day this will come in handy even if your not prepared to present it that day. If nothing else its some kind of release for you to write down your frustrations.

You should not be taking work stress home with you!

In the end its all about YOU! Are YOU happy? Is it worth it in YOUR life? Is it affecting YOUR mood?

Think About IT!
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