Tuesday, July 3, 2012

STOP Identity Theft

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It seems some people are still in the dark about identity theft. There are now so many precautions it seems we have to make yet people are still exposing their information on the WWW (World Wide Web) DUh! According to this Article http://www.latimes.com people are taking pictures of their debit card and tweeting it with their information exposed. How dumb is that?! It goes on to say "8.6 million American households experienced identity theft in 2010, with unauthorized credit card use accounting for much of the increase from the 6.4 million households victimized in 2005. Families lost a total of $13.3 billion, with an average of $2,200 lost per household affected."

I’m sure by know if you haven’t had your card numbers stolen, you know someone who has. I have yet to experience any issues, however I know about 5 people who have.

This article http://www.givemebackmycredit.com shares that it may be better to use a credit card rather than your debit card, should something happen the credit card company will get your money back sooner than the bank. Just don’t go all willy nilly and get yourself into debt.

It highlights some places to think twice before using your debit card
 Outdoor ATMs
"Skimming is the practice of capturing card information by running it through a device that reads the card's magnetic strip. Skimming machines are frequently placed over the actual card slots at ATMs or other outdoor card reading terminals like vending machines or parking lot payment kiosks."
 Gas Stations
"Thieves employ small video cameras at gas pumps to capture footage of unsuspecting card users typing in their PINs, saving it for later and going on a spending spree.
All the same, even if the thief does not get your PIN, he is still able to reproduce your card's magnetized strip and use it for most transactions."
The Web
"Malware or spyware downloaded to a computer provides an entry point for a hacker to store and lift information whenever they please. "
"Some waiters will keep debit card numbers and expiration dates with the intention of using them later on"

Should you think your untouchable, think again! Wise up and watch what you do. Although you may eventually get your money back, think of all the time you will have to put in sorting it out.

Message to the thieves: There are bigger fish to fry, stop messing with us little people. Thanks!

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