Monday, July 30, 2012

Your a Gentleman IF...

You are courteous with out expectation!
Does that define you?

Some examples would be ...
Taking intiative
Take Responsibility
Show Respect
Opening the door and allow her to walk in ahead of you
Taking you hat off inside
Walking on the outside of the woman when walking on the street
  -In case poop flys out a car window
Offering your jacket to a chilly woman
Should you walk in on her naked by accident, look away immediately and apologize
Offer to pay if your able to
Claim and support your children
When at dinner, stand when a lady stands
Pull out her chair
Dress to impress

When sitting at a restaurant, the woman should be seated in such a way that she can look out into the restaurant and the man should sit so that his attention only lie on her.

DO NOT:  Spit, lose your temper, or interrupt
Everything has a time and a place.

If you are doing it correctly you should see gratitude from your encounters, even if it is just a smile.
Take Pride


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