Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soda Review

Let me just say I try not to drink soda. Sometimes you just cant help it though!
Today I was given the new Pepsi Paradise Mango.
In my personal opinion they should not have made that combination. I realize everyone has different taste buds but 3 other people did not like it either. My friend Coleen said it tasted similar to the Green Skittle. I'm not sure what that one tastes like but it must not be the best one!

I took one sip and was done with it. I feel that it had a very artificial taste to it. It says on the can that it has less sugar. Most of the time I don't like things that say diet because I can taste the fake sugar and its not a satisfying taste. Yuck!

I find it funny that they will still make money because people will buy it just to try it weather they like it or not. Oh the way the world turns ...

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