Monday, July 9, 2012


Have you ever noticed how many types of things there are to choose from? When you go to the grocery store each isle may contain 10 versions of the same things. WHY!? This causes major indecision. You see people standing around trying to figure out the best things that will work for them. Weather it be based on ingredients, the company selling it or the price. Someone should seriously come out with one elite product that is reasonably priced so we can all get on with our day.

Have you ever noticed how many pasta shapes there are? They each have a name and one you eat with cheese and one you eat with sauce. There's red, white and green sauce. There's lasagna and cannelloni, their basic ingredients are sauce, cheese and meat. So why so many options? No matter what it looks like they basically taste the same. Its like they're trying to trick us or something.

Toilet Paper
I have the biggest beef with toilet paper because you buy it to basically flush it down the toilet. There's the generic brand and then the one that's supposed to feel like pillows against your bum. I know some people who are pretty spoiled about their toilet paper, but why spend so much on something you use for a few seconds and throw away? Makes no sense to me! I'm just sayin...

I believe there is more to be disturbed about but you get my point.

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