Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Have you ever gotten sick of eating the same thing every morning?
For a while I was eating oatmeal then I got so sick of it, I wont eat it anymore.
Now I eat plain fat free yogurt and add gluten free granola, flax seed and whey protein to it. I like the combination and have yet to not want to eat it.

I read in a book for metabolism that you should jump start your day with protein. I dont know how much I get in this combination but I feel just fine. Its not a very big portion so if I get hungry before lunch then I will eat fruit and the almonds. These almonds are plain, when I had the salted ones they went really fast. Salt makes things taste so good, I keep control over it because it cant be good for you in excess. I wonder if you can have an addiction to salt?

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