Thursday, July 26, 2012

Whale Watching

So I bought a trip with my friend to go on a 4 hour boat ride in the channel islands. Once we were on the boat they mentioned that the best time to come was in December. WOW!

Did I see any whales on my trip you ask?

It shoulda been called Marine Bird Watching with Dolphin sitings. HA!

Seeing dolphins was cool. There was a pack of them swimming all around and the baby's swam right up against the mothers.
They took us to this island and we went all around it. It was nice to hear the history and all but we still didn't see any whales. There were some sea lions and again some birds.


As you can see it was a cold and gloomy day out at sea. We had come from 90 degree weather and I did not dress for the ocassion.

I do tend to get motion sickness and in this case I got sea sick. The good news is I always feel better after I throw up. AWESOME! Then we got to eat lunch which was just half a sandwich and some pasta salad. They had watermelon which I hate so didn't get that.

Since I do get sick I don't think it will be worth doing it again. Maybe with time I will feel differently but Ive gotten sick on other excursions as well. Even just kayaking makes me sick. GOSHNESS

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