Saturday, July 7, 2012

HOT Heat

Growing up in Santa Monica you don't really experience extreme heat. If it does get hotter than usual you just stop at the beach, no big deal. When I moved to Pasadena I really got to experience heat. Good thing most apartments come with AC units, in Santa Monica most don't. Now a days you can pretty much avoid the heat. You can take a car ride with the AC on. You can have an Iced coffee at Starbucks and chill out. You can close off your living room and crank up the AC till your frozen, then go outside and appreciate the heat.

When I moved to Sherman Oaks, I think the highest it got there one summer was 113. WOW that was some heat. Its true that you get used to your climate. I don't remember thinking I was cold all the time in Santa Monica. After spending time in the warmer zone and then going back, there is definitely a change in me.

Here are some tips from the Arizonians, one being to do things before the sun comes ups. I knew an artist once that lived in the desert and did most of his work before the sun came up. He really adapted to his environment. I guess it works if you can sleep during the day. I know some people don't need a lot of sleep but I need tons to feel satisfied.

I would sleep in the hammock while getting a tan if I could. I'm just sayin... Doesn't that look amazing!

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