Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventure Girls

So in brain storming with my friend Fran about what I would just love to do in life, we came up with ADVENTURES. There are so many TV shows about food and places and I would just love to be one of those people who gets to get paid to do it as well. I mean why the heck not!? The problem is I'm no body and know no one to get me there. Therefore I have to begin somewhere, somehow.

In order to make it interesting and less lonely I wanted to do it with my friend Dominique. One day we just got together and started filming a little clip of the day. Now because it is just us, we can’t do the actual adventures that I had envisioned but I feel that in exposing us, we will work our way towards the ultimate goal. I’m sure we would do a lot more if it wasn’t so embarrassing to film ourselves in public. Also we have to carry the camera ourselves too, so how do we know we are even in the frame? These are just some of the obstacles we'll have to deal with!

So far I have edited 2 videos of us. You must forgive the sloppiness we are new and I’m sure with time it will get better and better, just like aged wine or beer if that’s your thing.

This was our morning at Starbucks then after the Bethenny show...

This was Industry Night at Madame Tussauds ...

Now these are far from what I had in mind but you work with what you got! What I want to be able to do is go to exotic place and try the food and shop the local stores and share their styles. This would be different because you have 2 very girly girls in a different setting but also sharing the culture from our points of view.

Sooooooooo if you happen to be or know someone who needs to fill a spot on a TV channel we are your solution. You could be the one to make a girls dream come true. For those of you just reading because you ran across this and had nothing better to do, which I appreciate.... I am well aware that this is not something that just happens and that I must create a following so that when the time comes to be on TV, people will actually watch and have some idea of who we are. Duh!

Therefore, I urge you to explore me. I am on YouTube and will continue to write my blogs as close to daily as I can.

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