Monday, June 18, 2012


This thought came to mind when I was watching Snow White this weekend. It said they named her from the mothers blood fallen on snow. Because of its beauty she wanted her daughter to be white as snow with red lips. Can I just say Kristen Stewart did not fit the description but that's besides the point.

Then came the red poisonous apple. Out of all the colors an apple can come in, why did it have to be red?
Did her mothers wish somehow also curse her?

One thing lead to another and I then thought about Adam and Eve and the apple. We grew up with the story of her eating the fruit and getting banished from the garden. Wouldn't this psychologically ruin an apple for us? We grow up learning that we must eat fruit and "an apple a day will keep the Dr. away". Maybe if we all came together and stopped eating apples (red apples) one day we'd be invited back into the garden. Just a thought ...

I ran a across some articles on this and one pointed out that the bible never says apple but that "Genesis most definitely records that she did eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So why do people think of an apple? One reason is that the Latin word for evil is malum and the Latin word for apple is also malum. " Web Site

The Latin word for Good is bonus melior optimus, I suppose they couldn't tie that to a fruit. I would say strawberry but that's just me. Plus we are to lazy and would never want to repeat those 3 words when we can just go with Malum. Also there is no justification for her eating the forbidden fruit making it a bad thing, so they could not go for the good. What a shame...

So lets say it wasn't the apple. These would be some other options: pears, cherries, peaches or plums. It doesn't say she peeled and ate, so it can't be lemons or oranges. Those are still safe.

Because of the assumption that it was an apple. Now all men have to live with it.
"The term "Adam's Apple" is derived from the forbidden fruit in the biblical account of the lives of Adam and Eve" Web Site  WOW!

In other news "the apple is the symbol of the divine. Apple trees are symbolic of wisdom and guidance." I would say that is why the company APPLE is named as such. Good for them.

Thats all the time I have for today...

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