Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The FORTUNE Cookie

In my head ...
There is an Asian guy picking these thoughts out of his mind and sticking them in the fortune cookie to perk up your day after you've glutinously gorged on delicious Chinese food. Mmm My fav!

Of course I know its a machine! Ive seen it on the telly ;)

If I were to put some of these together it'd would say...
Avenues of good fortune are ahead for you. You will be awarded a great honor. Enjoy the spot light.
You should be able to undertake and complete anything. Never let an opportunity pass you by.
Be willing to admit that you may be wrong. Your only human. Your courage will reward you.

HHmm Makes perfect sense to me ... I'm just sayin!

Then there is this one.... Lets read into it a little further, shall we?
I think it means that at a certain point in life I will have a certain way of making money and how much I make will be strictly based on how much I put into it.

I guess you can say that with anything though....

I'm sharing this from my book of fortunes.

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