Friday, June 29, 2012

Silly Phone Pictures

So I got a trim, do you like it? 
Ok but honestly this picture is hilarious! I was playing with my phone camera yesterday and after all this time discovered it could do these photo tricks. I’m not a photographer so I’m no good at terminology.

Some people said I looked like an evil Disney character. I think it resembles a beautiful alien.

Or my face is just sucking everything in.

At first glance it kinda looks like I have a mint mask on. Nope it's the camera effect. I look like I'm in a trance probably from the alien above...

Shocking! The alien has broken me up into pixels. Actually it’s another camera effect. BUT WOW! All the ways to keep myself entertained.

As you can see I could think of nothing better for today's blog. I find it quiet entertaining, I hope you do as well. PEACE!

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