Monday, June 11, 2012

Ban On Plastic GroceryBags

I know this is a huge issue with us and some people care and some don't. It seems to me that as a society we wait too long to do something about a problem. We have to see the shit hit the fan before we get off our ass and do something about it. (First thing that comes to mind are the police but that's just me...)
Any who Ive been hearing about landfills and reuse, reduce and recycle since I was a kid and only now are they coming out with what I think is a drastic measure. If this is the case then why don't they get rid of the extra plastic we use on products like in cereal boxes and the 6 ring soda holder. I'm Just Sayin!

Here is an article explaining the situation at hand for us LA errrss...

I have three points of view on this...
Meaning no more bags handed to you at any store.

Number One:
I think if this is going to help us drastically then so be it. People need to be force trained on how to be more conscientious and it will add to the every day persons way of thinking. I feel that it will give us more class when we have to think to bring a bag with us rather than rely on the store to do it for us. Who knows, adding this level of thinking to our everyday life may lead us to think of more things we can be doing. It'll become a wider spread movement to save ourselves. The kids will be empowered to do the same and with their fresh brains be able to think more clearly. They may grow to come up with way better strategies than what we have now.

Number Two:
Obviously its going to be hard to remember to bring a bag every time you want to buy something. As cheap as I am I'm not going to pay .10 more for a bag when I buy a couple of things. Instead I will probably end up spending less because Ill only buy what I can carry and come back later if I need to. When you think about it you may not need everything you wanna buy so you'll second guess it and put things back. Good for you! Or maybe they'll make clothes with bigger pockets so we wont need to Carry bags Ha!
This scenario is good for the consumer but bad for the store as you wont be buying everything you might once have. We shall see...

Number Three:
Someone worked to make these bags. With so much going on in the economy, what will happen to their jobs? Will they be moved to the paper bag department or will we have more out of work people? I understand everything is bottom line.

My sister once asked about why we even make things that don't decompose (She was 9 at the time). All I could say was its all about the money. What will cost less and make more. She was unhappy to hear that but its the truth.

How I'm preparing...
Lately I have been doing most of my shopping at Traders Joe's getting pre-made food as I find myself not having the time to cook or the want to. Even though I only get one bag of things they double bag it which at times I find unnecessary. However it will be to my advantage because I am saving them for when the time comes. I know they wont last for ever but this is just the beginning, well see what happens. I also have a drawer full of grocery bags that I save for trash bags. I don't go through them fast enough so they are piling up. Also good for me!

That's another thing is if people are just throwing out their grocery bags and buying those fancy trash bags, shouldn't they be banned as well Hmmmmm.
I understand the need for large households but where there is a will there is a way. I'm just sayin!

Ok that's all for now, I'm sure I'm missing some of my thoughts but I got my point across hopefully.

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  1. What should I do if I want to recycle? Actually, I would like to set up a business. Can you tell me how to start the process? I just LOVE your blog! It's so witty and I imagine you're really how would I start a recycling business? (I see so many at the supermarkets, you know) MAYBE, this could also be an upcoming blog topic!! --Thx

  2. Wow! Someone's preparing for the recycle bag apocalypse!!!!