Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cost of a roof over your head

I read this today and it really hit home because I struggle with it all the time.

Huffingtonpost Article:
More than half your income goes to rent

When I set out to live on my own it turned out to not be alone. Although I don't earn minimum wage it still doesn't cut it. I am single with no attachments. I have family obligations but for the most part its me taking care of only me. Basically I'm just surviving trying to find my way to another level. There are all these things you need to make everyday work.

This includes a car, gas, food, not just rent but utilities, insurance, clothes, makeup and toiletries. If this was all, then perhaps it would be ok. If I had no other wants and no social life then boy would that be awesome. If I hadn't been taught to have a decent appearance and if I was a simple no makeup kind of girl, then great.

Aside from the basics I pay everything that comes with being a Real Estate agent which is not cheap. Also all the marketing material you need to get started. The idea I'm sure is that your successful and the cost wouldn't matter. This is not in my case though. I may be reconsidering what I do with this bill. I'm aware that my having a full time job is hindering my ability to mingle and be successful in Real Estate. How in the world do I do both well? I cant just have no income and rely on maybe making a deal here and there to begin with.

After considering my finances and such I had to resort to living with strangers. This can go very well then turn bad or go bad to worse. Oh how I wish I could live alone and not feel the stress of money. I read that you should earn 3 times the amount of your rent. Also somewhere your supposed to save maybe 6 months of your income in the event your out of a job. Where in the world do I fit this into my budget?

In the end everyone finds a way to make it work somehow. In my case that's balancing my credit card. I feel secure as long as I'm never at my limit. This way I always have some leeway and am never late on a payment. Is this the right way? No! probably not. However  I feel that if I let all this get to me then I wouldn't ever get to do anything that I want to do or get anything that I want to get. To me this is not living life. If all I do is work to pay bills without having some fun in between there is no point. Life sucks enough, you have to get through it somehow. That doesn't mean be careless or reckless. I still pay attention and never would I allow myself to be in a situation where I couldn't pay up or have zero dollars in my account. Its a constant balancing act. Can I do this and get away with it? Can I get this and justify the need?

Back to the issue at hand, RENT. Although I did the calculation on the earn 3 times the rent rule, I am still a little above that. Even with a roommate the cost of an apartment does not fall with in what I would strictly be able to afford.

Everyday we use what they call "coping mechanisms". Mine is by believing that it will not be this way forever. Something will give and change my world for the better. Its just a matter of time. Which I suppose I have...

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