Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things to do Alone...

Some people hate doing things alone and some people love it. I suppose it depends on the circumstance and situation.

I think it’s important to be comfortable enough in your own skin to spend time with yourself. Some people hate eating alone. I know for myself, it would be embarrassing to sit in a restaurant full of people and eat. Where do you look and what do you do there by yourself? I have no problem eating alone otherwise. That is considered my quiet time and it’s enjoyable. I have seen people in restaurants and bars by themselves, they seem confident about it and that’s admirable.

One time I had some time to kill, I passed the Movie Theatre and seriously considered watching one by myself. I thought and thought and then decided that I would rather lay out at the beach alone. I have yet to go to a movie by myself. The reasonable side of me knows that it really wouldn’t be that bad at all. It’s the act of buying the ticket for one and walking inside. I think I'm good with Netflix and redbox at home, it saves money, Duh!

What I don't mind is sitting at Starbucks by myself with my coffee and book or computer. You can people watch and that’s entertaining.

For those of you who really need to break out of their shell I recommend taking a train/bus ride and sing to yourself out loud or ride your bike and sing really loud and free like the guy my friend saw. I personally wouldn't do this but you should!

If you have a significant other and find that you never have a night alone, try going for a stroll or the gym alone. Sometimes too much time together can be a bad thing and you get a better sense of yourself if you set aside time for YOU, no matter what it is. You could sit in bed and do absolutely nothing and let your thoughts keep you company. It’s good to find yourself entertaining. I myself think I’m hilarious!

Going for a good hike and enjoying nature is also very rewarding. I haven’t done it but I can seriously imagine it. Get some culture and go to a museum, walk around and embrace it. My sister loves museums, so I don’t really need to go because I get my fill.

Anywho, you get the picture. Go forth and prosper in your new found alone time.

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