Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Schindlers's List

Middle school is when they begin teaching us about the holocaust.  I remember watching a whole movie on Anne Frank and it was rough to watch knowing that this happened in real life at one time. After the movie, I had to make my way to another class and I was still in a haze from having seen such a thing. I wondered how my teacher felt after having to show this movie each year to her students and listening to it herself. Now I realize that people can adjust to things and the shock wears away after a while.

Shortly after the movie Schindler's List came out, I remember my parents watching it but they thought it may be too graphic for me to watch. Being that I had already watched Anne, I had no interest in watching anyway.  Compared to my little bubble of life these are scary movies. I understand the need to learn about this so that it never happens again but somehow I think it weighed heavily on me for a while. I never talked to my friends about what they thought, so I don't know if I was the only one stuck in this train of thought.

Till this day I have a hard time watching gory things. I guess I somehow imagine it happening to me or can  feel just how horrific it would have been.  There is this overwhelming tenseness that I get, its like work trying to relax again. From what I know about stress being unhealthy, watching these movies are unhealthy for me to watch.

I have not watched Schindler's List but I ran across this web site that basically lays it out in writing. I did not have the patience to read the whole thing. You can imagine how long it is when its from a 3 hour movie. That is too much realness for me to handle all at once.

When they can use the words "brutality" and "horrific incidents" you know its probably too much for me to handle. Wikipedia explains that they got Spielberg to direct it from the book. Seeing that there are so many people to chose from how did they end up focusing on Schindler. From what I read his ex-wife says
"Schindler did nothing remarkable before the war and nothing after it." It goes on to say his life postwar was shabby and unexceptional. So where did his story come to light?'s_Ark

Maybe someday I'll get the nerve to watch it and have a real point of view on him directly but from what it seems, its all questionable. As are most things in history and politics. We all take a side hoping its right but who the heck really knows. Maybe it starts off right then gets swayed.

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