Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bad Roommate !!!

Lets Begin with Intuition
If you are going to live with someone and you feel the slightest thing odd, off or weird, no matter how decent they may seem .... WALK THE F*** AWAY!
Better safe then sorry....
Its hard to listen to intuition when your in a tight spot or you just want to see the best in someone and you just cant put your finger on it.

In the Beginning...
My roommate was moving so I had to find someone and because I don't leave things to last minute I saw two people and went with one that seemed nice enough. My friend would call this type of person a "charmer" BUT its covering who they really are inside.

First Sign of Badness (Indecisiveness)
She went ahead signed the lease and paid. 3 days before move in I get a text about how she may back out cause it was to far from work. (A whole month and you didn't think of this before?)
A few hours later she says "never mind it'll work perfectly". (after I placed another ad to get someone else)

Cleaning situation:
I had asked her what it was like where she was living and she said she didn't have to do anything because who ever she lived with was home more than her and took care of it.
I made it clear that I also work full time and showed her the cleaning supplies.
Again shes nice and agreeable without actual action.
I began waking up to clogged toilets, face wash and toothpaste all over the sink and a wastebasket overflowing with toilet paper. ( I asked her to throw it out once and it never happened)
One time the toilet was clogged for 2 days and I saw no sign of her doing anything about it. I refuse to clean someone else's shit so I stayed away till it was done.
The result was splash water shit all over the floor a broken plunger and the toilet brush yuckified. I was discussed when I got home and had to do my own sanitation.

Anyway I could go on about the dishes and my Ice Cream getting eaten twice but then well be here forever.
End result she is going to move but has not paid her part of the bills or the rent and I know she is avoiding me yet feeling free as a bird to use what ever she wants in the house.
Major disrespect .... Horrible being who wont get far in life with a style such as this.

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I'm all done for now

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