Friday, June 22, 2012

Its the little dog things I love

Recently my sister and mom rescued a puppy from some lady just giving him away. He was so little, cute and quiet! Now hes growing, biting and barking! Its ok, we love him anyway. He's some kind of chihuahua mix, someone mentioned perhaps terrier.
I had previously been exposed to chihuahuas and know of their crazy barking nature, which can get very annoying. They do become territorial and it takes time to get in their good graces. I feel hes so little and should not be this temperamental already with strangers.

Any who, we took him to the beach this past Sunday and had a fun time. He is so attached to my mom since she is his main caregiver, therefore he never strays far which is a good thing. Although he has a strong personality he is quite a little scaredy cat. He wouldn't play in the water with my sister and doesn't like strangers approaching. He is supposed to be my sisters dog cause she begged for him, he doesn't seem to know that.

Chico started digging his very first hole then my sister continued it and put herself inside.

As you can see she is very pleased with herself. My dad encouraged and assisted with her burial. That sounds bad, but you get the picture. Literally!
As you can see hes pretty adorable and affectionate. I just cant get enough!

After the beach we took a walk through the promenade and he is pretty good at staying in his bag. I think thats his comfort zone. We didnt bring the leash as he refuses to follow with it. That is going to take some time and training.

This is an older shot of her dressed as a princess and Chico with his prince cape. I sewed it myself. Dogs can become an addiction. There are times he is all I think about. All the cute little things he does, how excited he is to see me and just his cute little self.

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