Friday, June 15, 2012

Earn Extra Money ...

The average person wants to make more money. Of this I'm certain!
I know I always think and or talk about how I need more money.
I had a friend send me this. I believe its a webisode by yahoo ...

In it there is a family trying to make money aside from their full time job. I would love to do that. What I would love more is to make more money doing something entirely different but you have to start somewhere.

The above checklist from the video is a good place to start. You cant just go into something with out some type of goal to reach for. If you don't have a goal then how will you know how well you've done or where you need to improve?
You need to be aware of what you've been doing with your time. What has been a waste of time and where can you cut back ?
If there has been something in the past you have tried and made money at, what happened? Did you make a lot of money or a little? Was it worth the time you put into it? If you were to do it again what would you do differently to make it easier and more viable?

Everyone has a secret talent that perhaps they keep private but may potentially be something they could market and sell.

Don't be shy! Go for it! Nothing wagered nothing gained .... I think that's what they say.

These things include:

Writing - You could write a book, short story or article and sell it. Review work or edit work for someone.

Food Service-  Food truck, Catering or Baking,

Arts and crafts - Have you ever made anything someone loved? Make it more and sell it!

Make clothes- Have skills with a sewing machine? Design something and produce it.

Re-Vamp furniture- I've tried this but you have to have storage and more than one person. Go around and find free or cheap furniture no one wants then add your own personal touch with paint or spray cans and sell that. This can be done with anything.

Sell things on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon- A lot of people buy things just because... if you have clothes that are in good condition or you never took the tag off, sell it! If you find a good deal on something and think others will pay more, buy then sell it!

Recycle- This is good for everyone. If you have a space to keep all the things that could be recycled do so and get your money back. Everyday we throw out cans, water bottles and so on. Its not just a job for the homeless. This is your money in the trash... Don't worry I do it too.

I'm sure there are way more creative things that you could come up with. People love creativity. Cool new things that no one else thought of or could make come true.
That could be you!

ALSO ....
Have you ever heard  "A penny saved is a penny earned" ?
Think about it. We slave away all day. Then we see something random to buy and there goes your dollar or hundred dollars. Before you impulse buy take some time, maybe a day or two and then if you really cant live without it go ahead if you must. I'm sure you've heard this before but that's my reminder to you and to myself!

If you chose not to buy that thing or those things, think about putting that money into savings for something more gratifying in the future and consider that your treat or gift.

There's always a bigger picture, you wait and see!

That is all...

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