Monday, June 18, 2012


In life we have many choices and decisions. When we are younger most of them are made for us but then WAM!  It becomes our responsibility. No matter who supported you or guided you, in the end its your choice and decision making that will lead you to where ever you are and are going. Continuing your education after high school is a huge question mark for many people.

I for one wanted to get my AA and be done with it. I wanted to get my real estate license and pick up and run from there. I ended up getting my license before my AA and then didn't see the point in continuing. That was my choice and now I'm here. Where that is I'm not sure yet. I guess I'm turning in to one of those people who dibble dabble in all sorts of things looking for their passion. The thing that will allow you to be happy everyday and make a living. I thought real estate would allow me the freedom everyday of driving around looking at houses and meeting wonderful people while making money. Boy was I wrong and even worse in this economy. Don't get me wrong I'm still trying but less and less it seems.


I had this vision of me being a bad ass business bitch who got her way in every deal she made. I still would like to be that person but have yet to have the opportunity. Perhaps it wont be in Real Estate and this is just the road I have to take to reach my destination.


Some people fall into their field of work. They get lucky and then just roll with it regardless of if it was what they wanted, but hey its a living. Sometimes its not much of a living but they just settle. I guess no way is right or wrong it just is and you just accept it. Some people don't accept it and keep searching. I think I'm that person. I know I don't want the man on my back everyday.  I don't want one big lady determining if I can have this time or that time off. My time is not up for negotiation. I don't want to sit in front of a computer in an office with no windows making money for someone else. If its my office and my computer making my money than thank the lord! Until then I continue my search.

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