Sunday, June 17, 2012


Recently I had it in my head to give what ever change I had to the next homeless person I saw. It just struck me to give. (Mostly because of a book I had been reading) But seriously as soon as I began to think this way no one was around to give it to. One day I went to In N Out and there was a lady selling flowers or something random and I didn't have cash but I thought I'd buy her a burger instead. I waited as they were quite busy as usual. Once I got the food she was gone! This happened in other instances and then the thought faded and I no longer really actively think to give. Its hard for me because I have to be in the right state of mind and feel more free to give because I'm in need myself. Just not as bad as others. I also read that it can be given not only with money but with your time. (Money equals energy) That's reasonable to me. I just have to remember that if I don't give it will be taken in some way or so I read.

I then began to think of all the charities there are and if I ever had the money to give to charities on a regular basis, how would I choose which one to give to? I know most people give to what ever one most relates to them in their lives. Off the top of my head I would think to give to animal shelters or something to do with animals because they can't fend for themselves and its not their fault. Then there are the kids and people restarting after a rough patch in life and I feel for them. Sometimes people just need a help up, just that one little hand to make all the difference. I would also worry about how much money is going to the cause or are going in to the founders pocket. I mean its great to give but I don't want to be taken advantage of while trying to do so.

I found this site that lists all the charitable foundations
Going through the list there are so many I didn't want to count them. I did notice that there are 10 marked NEW. I don't know when they began but that means more are on the way. Also there are none that begin with Q,X or Z. So the next time someone comes up with one they need to be more original.
I need one myself, lets call it TheMagentaCharity or QXZ MagentaFoundation.  Great! Thanks!

I'm just sayin!

Any who this just shows how much help everyone needs in some way, shape or form. On netflix I saw this movie called Cafe with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I didn't like it much but there was a lady who was interviewing people to work for her in this organization. Someone asked her if she ever wanted to give up because she can't possibly fix everyone and everything. Her response was she didn't need to fix everything just her area and someone else can take care of their area and so on. I cant remember word for word but basically that's the just of it. So I think we all need to remember that although we cant do it all, a little will go a long way. Every ones feet together will make one huge foot forward. Make sense? Well anyway I'm done with my rant.
Have a good one!

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