Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My First Blog ...

Intro: So I was told I should start writing to get better at it. ( really I was watching a YouTube video on journalism) This is what I'm doing.

In creating this blog I googled "best blog" or something like that and word press, blog spot and blogger came up. I have several Gmail accounts now and so when I chose blog spot or so I thought it came to blogger and then it made me sign up under google again. WOW! Everywhere you turn there it is.

So I finally made it. I'm still discovering it and hope that I get the hang of it. Moving on .....

I have an old Apple that I love but is crapping out on me so I splurged and bought a PC. It came in the mail yesterday and I had so much fun with it till deep into the night (Windows 7 is very similar to apple). It was a lovely Friday night for me and my computers. We hung out on my bed together uploaded, transferred and backed up as much as I possibly knew how.

I hope this thing has spell check cause I'm lazy and make mistakes I don't want to correct. Sorry in advance.....

I know how to edit my videos on iMovie but when I opened Windows Movie Maker it was a foreign universe. I am in the process of YouTubing how to use it so I'm less frightened. Gosh I cant say enough about YouTube. Did you know I'm on YouTube?!

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FYI just found spell check, gosh darn I'm awesome lol

Also with Windows 7 it has Microsoft Start up which I haven't seen before but it allows you to use word without paying for it. The downside is it has ads.... oh boo hooo. Ill look at ads if it means I don't have to pay more for anything whats so ever. (Cheap_ Poor_Person)
Basically this new computer has everything you could possibly need one way or another built right in. You just have to look in the right places. I'm sure there is more to discover but I am so happy with it, it wont even matter.
I love all the ways you can personalize it. In a way its great when you don't buy new technology in a while then you upgrade and see how far they really have come. Its truly amazing and although I'm young and have grown up with the ever growing things they come out with its still just incredible. I thinks its important to stay grateful for where we are and what has made things so much easier. If only I get the hang of it in time to make something of myself since there is so much out there to help you. It'd be a shame, a damn shame.

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Ok I'm done with this blog ... Until next time

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