Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Social Media Sources

In the beginning there was Myspace...
At least this was the beginning for me because that was the first thing I signed up for. It wasn't a daily thing and I didn't socialize much on there. I think I had 2 main friends that would message me and that's about it. I did upload pictures and look through but it really wasn't that entertaining. I think at that time no one really had gotten the hang of this online life yet.

Then came Facebook....
I signed up as soon as I heard about it somewhere. I cant remember like on TV or something. Again I added friends, pictures and browsed. So then I had both accounts to look through but still didn't know what the heck was going on. Little by little it caught on and more and more people joined. I was and still am very particular about who I add. (maybe have loosened up a little but still)  I don't go around to everyone I meet and say hey add me on facebook. I imagine that's how people are getting thousands of friends. But do they really know who those people are? Or is it just a satisfying number? Regardless if I don't know you or have no interest in you, you don't need to see my Facebook life ha! That was my point of view. Now I'm sure there are people on there for no reason but they are harmless and as long as it stays that way then we are all good!

Ahhhhh Twitter...
I also signed up for this as soon as I heard about it. I guess you could say my motto is if its free and I can put my name on it, then so be it! Yet again I didn't see the point or know what to do. I wrote some original tweets of my own and followed everything that came my way. Then I got my real estate license and made it a little more professional hoping to get leads. I will say nothing came of that but I still like to have a presence.
I guess I rarely looked at it then cause I didn't feel like I could say anything silly or useless because I wanted to be uptight and businessy. After I started doing my YouTube videos I made another one for that so that I could really connect and hopefully be a personality of some sort. Its been about a month and Ive gained 193 followers. I can say I understand it now but this is because I have a goal and I want to be known for me being me to whom ever is interested.

Oooohhhhhh LinkedIn....
I guess its pretty straightforward. I have one and am only aware of it when someone wants to connect. I wonder if anyone has gained business or a good connect form them because I don't see it. Again its just having a presence hoping it'll make you look more legit I suppose.

WOW Google +
I'm so lost with this I'm not gonna lie. It had so much hype. It even has commercials and people on Facebook were talking about it. I even got an email to sign up to be notified when it would be available to me so I did it. I signed up and that was the last thing Ive done with it. Google is wonderful but perhaps this wasn't their thing or it just isn't my thing as of yet. Who the heck knows.

MMMMM Instagram....
I would say this caught on pretty darn fast. I know it started with the iPhone peeps and I don't have one so I'm on the late train. When it came to android I downloaded it right away and then it did the transition into its own world of connecting. Follow me and ill follow you just like Twitter but with pictures. Its a whole other form of expression. I guess we're all just searching for our own particular form of personal expression. Hopefully enjoyable and profitable. Ahhh someday.

Woohoo Youtube...
This originally started for me when I went to the Ellen show. I thought wow if I could do that all day and make money how awesome would that be? Boy was I excited! But where to start I do not know so I took it to YouTube. I then stopped for a while because it wasn't the same or what my vision was. You have all these ideas but not the resources. You need camera equipment and the stuff you wanna do on camera and a friend to film you which I have but not much else. I am so grateful for my friends I must mention. When I'm more well known I will do a shout out to all of them  (REMIND ME THOUGH)   ;)

Then there are all the games such as Words with Friend, Hanging with Friends, Draw Something and so on ... those did not last long till I got tired and don't bother playing anymore. Occasionally I get a nudge then Ill do it or ill have my sister play for me. I think shes better at it than I am anyway. It all comes down to patients for the game which I don't have. Im just sayin!

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I do believe that covers it.
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